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Новый экстравагантный мюзикл для семейного просмотра
По мотивам повести Николая Гоголя
Автор сценария, музыки и текста песен: Кит Гольдстейн Грант
The Nose: A New Family Musical

Viva Style & H. Danforth & Co. Production

Театр Master, Бруклин, Нью-Йорк

Дакота Датчер в роли Ковалёва, Кайла Френд в роли Матрёшки

Художник: Виктория Ли

Художник-оформитель: Кристофер Майклс

Постановки театра Anex, Национальный фестиваль искусств

Грахамстаун, ЮАР

Дизайн: Маргот Вуд и Мэри Джейкобс

Recent Productions...

Anex Theatre Productions presented

The Nose

Artscape Theatre Centre

Cape Town, South Africa

December 2018


The Nose is a whimsical family musical by Kit Goldstein Grant. After his nose jumps off his face and masquerades around St. Petersburg as a high-ranking official, Kovalyov is sent on a crazy journey to regain his sniffer and his social position.
Based on Nikolai Gogol's beloved tale, The Nose entertains with Russian-flavored music and family-friendly humor, while featuring themes and lessons that resonate from Imperial Russia to modern-day America.  
After premiering at the Midtown International Theatre Festival, where it was nominated for Best Musical, The Nose has continued on to play at the 1,300 seat Master Theatre, and in South Africa at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, The Drama Factory & Artscape Arena Stage in Cape Town.
The Nose has recently been translated into Russian.
The Nose is available for licensing.
Email or contact The Gurman Agency for more details.


The Master Theater, New York, NY

Videography & Editing by Dan Henry Boehler

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